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Planetsofts will accept submissions only using the PAD format designed by the ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals). To learn about the PAD format, see the ASP web site. We encourage and accept product submissions that will offer usability and functionality that are highly searched by the end user.

After you submit the form, the product will enter the list of unverified submissions. A submitted product needs 24-48 hours to be verified and if it is accepted, it will be listed right away.

If you like to use the advantages of PAD then you should produce a PAD file (.xml) for each of your products. For producing your PAD files in a simple maner you could use the free tool PADGen for very good results. Once you do that you can register very easily only with the information of the URL of the PAD file.

The admission on our site depends very much on the content. Your product should not contain :

  • malicious code that might harm the user's computer
  • pornographic materials
  • illegal spamware tools
  • your products must be virus/trojan free
  • materials related to casino, gambling, betting, materials related to weight loss, diet
  • files with limited or duplicate usability

We won't accept clones of an original product, no reseller versions, or co-branded version. If we find out that somebody different than the legal copyright or trademark holder (or official agent) has submitted a product, we assume the right to suspend the product listing. We also reserve the right to remove or suspend any product listing on for any reason.

Note :

  • Before submitting a product on our site, you should verify that the product doesn't already exist on our catalog.
  • If you submitted your PAD file there is no need to submit it's updates also, we will fetch it from your system and check for update every day ourselves.
  • If you want to remove your program, use the contact form and tell us the URL where your product is listed on .
PAD (xml) URL (required) :

If you are a developer software and you are interested to promote your software in a better way, you can present it on slideshow or spotlight.
For more info you should acces the FREE PROMOTION page.


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