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Mountain Bike Ebook 1.0

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Publisher: Mountain Bike Blog
License: Freeware
Size: 1.15
OS: Win2000,Win98,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP
Date added: Jan 24, 2011
Date updated: Jan 24, 2011
Program Version: 1.0

Mountain Bike Ebook 1.0 Publisher's Description

Free Mountain Bike Ebook with videos and articles

Mountain Biking is gaining popularity all over the world because it just requires the skill of riding bicycles but that riding is to be done on tough mountain terrains, dirt trails, gravel roads and many more which makes it a rough and tough sport. As the riding is special, so riding bicycle has to be extraordinary named mountain cycles which facilitate easy handling and balancing features to the rider and are incorporated with several other features that help them adapt to rough terrain and endure extreme conditions. They are equipped with dual suspension system that enables the rider to move smoothly over bumps and are much heavier than the road bicycles to ensure more balancing.

Mountain cycles make use of gears and disc brakes for safety reasons and to add on there have been many innovations in the technologies used in mountain bikes which enhance their speed and allow the rider better control like clip less pedals are provided for connecting and engaging specially designed shoes with the pedal which ensures that the feet do not slip away from the pedals when mountain biking. A mountain bike should have multiple gears which allow the riders to be able to traverse the different gradients easily while ascending and descending hills and mountains, inclines, steep hills or rough terrains.

Serious riders look for the most sophisticated mountain cycles that are equipped with special systems that help riders achieve better speed so that they can ride effortlessly and smoothly on roads without losing control. Knowledge of your mountain cycle’s equipment and good biking skills is a must and it is a sport that checks the endurance, navigation skill and survival skills of riders who need to be able to maintain their mountain bikes in any situation and these skills decide the difference between winning a race and finishing uninjured.

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