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Multiple Copy and Paste Software Multiple Copy and Paste Software Sep 19, 2013 updated $50 Download!

Multiple copy and Paste Software is an easy clipboard tool software.

CloudClippy CloudClippy Dec 4, 2012 updated $20 Download!

CloudClippy: Share clipboard snippets on other computers.

FK Undo Clipboard FK Undo Clipboard Nov 21, 2012 updated Free Download!

Program to restore the previous state of the clipboard.

Easy Copy Paste Easy Copy Paste Nov 10, 2012 updated Free Download!

Click-click to copy, click-click to paste. And little more.

Crib Sheet Crib Sheet Oct 31, 2012 updated $190 Download!

Crib Sheet for work station operators

Primitive Case Changer Primitive Case Changer Sep 18, 2012 updated Free Download!

Simplest and fastest tool for changing the letter case.

SuperClip SuperClip Sep 18, 2012 updated Free Download!

SuperClip is a tool which copies previous inserted text into the clipboard.

Shapeshifter Shapeshifter Aug 16, 2012 updated Free Download!

Shapeshifter is the best clipboard manager, and has won hundreds of awards

Best Clipboard Best Clipboard Aug 15, 2012 updated Free Download!

Great software to save your precious time.

Clipboard Box Clipboard Box Aug 15, 2012 updated $26 Download!

Clipboard Box improves the clipboard functionality of your Windows.

Super Copy Paste Super Copy Paste Aug 15, 2012 updated Free Download!

Super Copy Paste - save every copy action you do.

JetPaste JetPaste Jun 29, 2012 updated $30 Download!

Utility for storing and pasting commonly used text phrases or formatted text.

Copy Text Contents Copy Text Contents May 5, 2012 updated Free Download!

Copy directly the contents of text files to the clipboard.

Duplicate Text Finder & Remover Duplicate Text Finder & Remover Apr 30, 2012 updated Free Download!

We strongly recommend you Duplicate Text Finder & Remover!

Event Monitor Capture Event Monitor Capture Apr 4, 2012 updated $5 Download!

Monitor and Keep event everything on your computer.

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ClipperStripper ClipperStripper Oct 27, 2011 updated $4 Download!

Strip content from copied text, like HTML markup, or keep only what you want.

KillBox KillBox Sep 9, 2011 updated $3 Download!

Set an Alarm, Logoff, Suspend, Shutdown, Hibernate, Reboot or Lock your computer

HistoryClip HistoryClip Aug 23, 2011 updated $30 Download!

HistoryClip is the best clipboard helper, it can remember everything you copied.

Clipboard Text Recorder Clipboard Text Recorder Nov 2, 2011 updated Free Download!

Clipboard Text Recorder

Reclip Reclip Jan 24, 2011 updated $7 Download!

Reclip - Popup Visual Clipboard Assistant

1st Clipboard 1st Clipboard Dec 2, 2011 updated Free Download!

Simple Free Multi Clipboard and Screen Capture for Windows

Advanced Clipboard Utility (ACU) Advanced Clipboard Utility (ACU) Jan 24, 2011 updated $20 Download!

Save your time with ACU. Keep up to 16 clipboards. Hot-keys navigation.

Cresotech TypeRecorder Cresotech TypeRecorder Jan 24, 2011 updated $10 Download!

Convenient and easy to use keystroke sequence recorder and manager

FreeClip FreeClip Jan 24, 2011 updated Free Download!

FreeClip will make more efficient use of your time and fingers

Flashpaste Lite Flashpaste Lite Jan 24, 2011 updated Free Download!

Flashpaste Lite - A Free Powerful Copy & Paste Utility

AceText AceText Jan 25, 2011 updated $40 Download!

Speed up and smarten up the way you write and communicate on your PC

ClipCache Pro ClipCache Pro Jan 25, 2011 updated $25 Download!

ClipBoard Extender, Instant Text Cleanup, & QuickPaste utility

ClipMate Clipboard - Asian Languages ClipMate Clipboard - Asian Languages Jan 25, 2011 updated $35 Download!

Popular Clipboard Extender Holds Thousands of Clips, Powerful Internet Features!

AutoClip Mini AutoClip Mini Sep 9, 2011 updated Free Download!

Automatically copy selected text and paste with the middle mouse button!

A - FlashClips U3 A - FlashClips U3 Jan 9, 2012 updated $20 Download!

FlashClips U3 Portable Clipboard

  • Results : 1- 15 of 113 programs
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