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FoxyVPN FoxyVPN May 4, 2012 updated Free Download!

A secure anonymous proxy VPN tunnel between you and the Internet for free.

Lockmydrive FreeLocker Lockmydrive FreeLocker Apr 30, 2012 updated Free Download!

LockmyDrive FreeLocker is a portable data security software for various devices

AntiPhotoSpy AntiPhotoSpy Apr 30, 2012 updated $10 Download!

AntiPhotoSpy removes private information from photos to protect your privacy.

Secure Virtual Desktop Secure Virtual Desktop Apr 30, 2012 updated Free Download!

Browse anonymously and securely access sensitive information from any computer.

Home Security Center Home Security Center Apr 16, 2012 updated $39 Download!

Effective office and home monitoring solution. PC + Web Viewer.

Cloud Penetrator Cloud Penetrator Apr 11, 2012 updated $79 Download!

Online Web Vulnerability Scanning - SQL Injection Cross Site Scripting

Windows Free Anti-Theft Security Windows Free Anti-Theft Security Apr 9, 2012 updated Free Download!

Anti-Theft software by Snuko is the perfect way to protect your data

Here Comes The Boss Here Comes The Boss Apr 3, 2012 updated Free Download!

a free program to quickly close your browsers

OKcookie Cookie Complaince App OKcookie Cookie Complaince App Mar 22, 2012 updated $125 Download!

OKcookie is a smart plugin that allows websites to comply with the EU Cookie Law

miTracker PC Anti Theft miTracker PC Anti Theft Mar 19, 2012 updated $30 Download!

Ultimate PC Anti Theft Software to protect PC and data even when it is stolen.

Wipe Data Beyond Recovery Wipe Data Beyond Recovery Feb 15, 2012 updated $39 Download!

Drive wipe utility helps to wipe complete hard drive or partition

Keylogger Plus Keylogger Plus Feb 13, 2012 updated $30 Download!

Keylogging, activity tracking and internet monitoring software

KaKa File Shredder KaKa File Shredder Feb 8, 2012 updated Free Download!

Allow you to permanently erase files and folders on Hard Disk drive

Hash Suite Hash Suite Feb 2, 2012 updated $30 Download!

Hash Suite is an auditing tool for Windows password hashes (LM, NTLM and MSCash)

Digesec Hashing Utility Digesec Hashing Utility Jan 27, 2012 updated Free Download!

An easy to use tool for producing user selected digest of any file or text.

Asterisk Logger Asterisk Logger Jan 25, 2011 updated Free Download!

Reveals the passwords stored behind the asterisks ('***') boxes

Mail PassView Mail PassView Jan 25, 2011 updated Free Download!

Recovers email passwords

ISpy USBBlocker ISpy USBBlocker Feb 8, 2011 updated $29 Download!

A tool that block untrusted USB Memory Stick and protect you against data theft.

Desk Bell - Get Attention Politely Desk Bell - Get Attention Politely Apr 20, 2011 updated Free Download!

Need an app to get someone's attention? Maybe at a hotel lobby, some other place

Wipe Wipe May 12, 2011 updated Free Download!

Delete browsing history, cookies, cache, temporary files, and other tracks.

Pangolin Professional Pangolin Professional May 26, 2011 updated $2000 Download!

Pangolin is an SQL Injection test tool on database security.

REFOG Time Sheriff REFOG Time Sheriff May 31, 2011 updated $30 Download!

Set permissions and limitations with parental control software.

AN VPN TOOL AN VPN TOOL Jun 7, 2011 updated $3 Download!

AN VPN Tool - Multiprotocol VPN software

ProxyShell Anonymous Proxy List Surfing ProxyShell Anonymous Proxy List Surfing Jul 14, 2011 updated $40 Download!

Powerful hide IP software,intelligently use public proxies for anonymous surfing

Information Security Policy Alert Information Security Policy Alert Jul 25, 2011 updated Free Download!

Toolbar that provides real time RSS alerts from Microsoft and CERT advisories

Remo File Eraser Remo File Eraser Jul 27, 2011 updated $49 Download!

Use Remo File Eraser to permanently delete files & folders

Remo Drive Wipe Remo Drive Wipe Aug 6, 2011 updated $39 Download!

Remo Drive Wipe Utility to wipe complete hard drive or partition

Hide My IP Hide My IP Dec 5, 2011 updated $30 Download!

Conceal your online identity by hiding your IP address on websites and programs.

DesktopGate DesktopGate Dec 8, 2011 updated $3000 Download!

Employee monitoring,Activity logging,Remote access, remote desktop,productivity

Tracks Eraser Tracks Eraser Dec 9, 2011 updated $20 Download!

Erase all traces of your Internet activity


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