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Spyrix Free Parental Control Spyrix Free Parental Control Sep 19, 2013 updated Free Download!

Full Parental Control over children computer

PKF Product Key Finder PKF Product Key Finder Sep 8, 2013 updated $20 Download!

PKF Product Key Finder recovers product keys from local computer.

Any Keylogger Any Keylogger Sep 6, 2013 updated Free Download!

AnyKeylogger Monitor any activities on computer,track chats,keystrokes,clipboard

Delete Skype History Delete Skype History Sep 6, 2013 updated $5 Download!

Clean Skype History for single/selected/all contacts. Backup and restore history

USB Security Suite USB Security Suite Sep 6, 2013 updated $20 Download!

A powerful utility that eliminates all security risks related to USB disks

Chrome Eraser Chrome Eraser Aug 7, 2013 updated Free Download!

Complete reset utility for Chrome Browser.

Chrome Analyzer Chrome Analyzer Aug 5, 2013 updated $20 Download!

Chrome Analyzer is an advanced forensic analysis tool which analyzes Chrome Brow

Child Monitoring Software Child Monitoring Software Jun 20, 2013 updated $30 Download!

Tackle child abuse on the internet with child monitoring software

Anvi Slim Toolbar Anvi Slim Toolbar Jun 10, 2013 updated $30 Download!

Remove offensive toolbars, repair browser and manage confidence toolbars

iKeyMonitor iKeyMonitor May 30, 2013 updated $50 Download!

Key logger for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch that logs keystrokes, passwords, websites

IPFetcher IPFetcher May 30, 2013 updated Free Download!

If your PC is stolen, you can pinpoint its location, using the external ip sent.

Make Secure Password Make Secure Password May 11, 2013 updated $20 Download!

Create secure and random passwords on any length and mixed character content.

Bart VPN Bart VPN Apr 28, 2013 updated $12 Download!

BartVPN encrypts your internet traffic through a safe VPN server connection.

EPC Title Bar Changer EPC Title Bar Changer Apr 4, 2013 updated $30 Download!

change texts and icons of any windows, add anti-boss key easily

StealthSEEK StealthSEEK Mar 6, 2013 updated $10 Download!

StealthSEEK identifies where sensitive data exists within File Systems

OPSEC Covert Comm OPSEC Covert Comm Apr 7, 2011 updated $60 Download!

Trusted Email and Chat Platform for Corporate and Private use

REFOG Keylogger REFOG Keylogger May 31, 2011 updated $40 Download!

REFOG Keylogger is keylogger software that monitors websites and applications.

MacAppStuff Shred for Windows MacAppStuff Shred for Windows Oct 22, 2011 updated $8 Download!

Securely erase files

Snare Agent for Windows Snare Agent for Windows Jan 25, 2011 updated Free Download!

A Windows Service providing a Central eventlog collection tool via syslog

!Date Cracker 2000! !Date Cracker 2000! Jan 25, 2011 updated Free Download!

Removes time protection from programs.

Super Hide IP Super Hide IP Jan 25, 2011 updated $30 Download!

Hide your real IP and give you super privacy protection on the Internet.

PGuard - Privacy Protection Tool PGuard - Privacy Protection Tool Jan 24, 2011 updated $26 Download!

PGuard is an activity traces cleaner and privacy protection tool

HashPass HashPass Jan 25, 2011 updated $15 Download!

Password tool to safely generate and safely enter safe passwords.

No File Recovery No File Recovery Jan 25, 2011 updated Free Download!

Wipes all open space on your hard drive, preventing file undeletes.

LE Security Manager LE Security Manager Jan 24, 2011 updated $30 Download!

Ultimate Protection Management of Personal Documents or Information!

ADScribe ADScribe Jan 25, 2011 updated $99 Download!

Active Directory Dokumentationswerkzeug

Portable Penetrator Portable Penetrator Jun 5, 2011 updated $195 Download!

Audit your wireless network's security with wifi security software.

Keylogger NET4 Keylogger NET4 Oct 1, 2011 updated $25 Download!

Keylogger NET4 keystroke keyboard spy system sending passworded Logs into Viewer

Real Clear Cookies Real Clear Cookies Jan 25, 2011 updated $30 Download!

Clear all browser cookies from IE or Firefox, or cookies from a single website.

buySAFE Shopping Advisor buySAFE Shopping Advisor Jan 25, 2011 updated Free Download!

The buySAFE Shopping Advisor makes online shopping safer and more secure.


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