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Q: What do I do to download a software ?

A: It couldn't be more easy. After you find the software you wish to download just click on "Download Now" button to be redirected to the download page. In about 5 seconds, a dialog box will appear displaying what you are about to download. Then you click "Save" button, you choose the folder where you would like to store the downloaded file and click "Save". Your download should now be in progress and this should be displayed on a box as is goes. When the download completes, you go to folder where the downloaded file was saved and double click on it. This should start the installation. See? Told you that was easy.

Q: I have unzipped files. How do I unzip them ?

A: Unzipping a program is an easy task if you know how to do it. If you are using Windows XP and Windows 7 you may Zip files as folders from Windows Explorer. If not you have to use specialized utilities to unzip files, like WinZip and WinRAR. First step is to double-click on the zip file to see the contents in program window . Then you click on the "Extract" button and choose where you would like to extract the files to. After that you close the program window and go to the location of the extracted files. Now you are ready to run the setup file.

Q: How do I install programs ?

A: Most programs make it easy for you by explaining the steps you should follow to install as you go through the setup process. First you have to find the downloaded file on your computer. If it is zipped you have to follow the steps from the previous question and unzip it. After that you double-click the setup file that is usually called "Setup.exe", "Install.exe" or the program name. During the install process you have to read all documentation and answer the questions you will be asked. When the installation is underway, let the process go forward. In the end you should be informed if the process was successful and it might instruct you to restart your computer. You will do so only if you are asked to.

Q: How do I purchase the full version of the software ?

A: There are two ways for that. You can ether purchase it through Planetsofts.com by finding the software in its category or by using search engine and click on the "Buy Now" button. This button should redirect you to the registration service link that will process your payment. The other way is to buy it through the program itself. You simply have to visit program's "Help" section and search for "Buy now" or "Register" button.

Q: What is "Adware" ?

A: Advertising supported software or "Adware" is a free product which displays advertising banners on the software interface. The company creates income by selling advertising space in the software product so you don't have to pay for the software.

Q: What is "Spyware" ?

"Spyware" is a small program that hides somewhere on your computer and checks up the pattern of your activity on the web. After that it passes this information on to advertisers. We recommend that you always read the "end-user license agreement" very carefully before you install any software because you might find very often in small letters a disclaimer saying that some informations about your browsing habits will be sent to a third party company of advertise.

Q: What does "Badware" or "Malware" mean ?

A: Malware or Badware are malicious softwares designed to damage a computer system without knowing of the owner. It's a general terminology that includes computer viruses, trojan horses, worms, intrusive adware, spyware and other unwanted software. We shouldn't incorporate here the defective software, that has a legitimate purpose but contains harmful bugs added later by third parties.

Q: What is a cookie ?

A: "Cookie" is a little piece of information that is stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer. We do not use cookies on Planetsofts.com, but you should be carefull because some of our partners might use them. That's why we advise you to always read the privacy policy of every software before installing it.


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