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Company profile

The concept of Planetsofts is based on managing thousands of software titles from a great variety of domains. Our team helps you decide on a certain product by offering a professional description of every software listed on Planetsofts.com . We also promote companies we believe in and help them develop on this huge on-going market.

Always up to date

Our daily updated list of products includes Audio & Multimedia, System Utilities, Security , Network & Internet etc. We check manually every single product of our catalog just to be sure we did everything we could to make your visit pleasant and safe.

Future plans

Planetsofts's company moto is "You can always do things better" and with that in mind we plan on keeping the professional profile of this company to it’s highest level. We also make sure that our services will be available for as many users as possible because, everyone deserves to use this service in a friendly and professional environment.


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Free software downloads for pc full version , games and mobile phone apps categorized and always up-to-date. The planet's pit stop to find the best software that you can download before you buy your favorite software.